O'Hare Personal Valet
How Does It Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I meet the valet at departures?
Your valet will meet you outside your departure airline. The valet will confirm this location with you before your scheduled departure. Specific door numbers and terminal information can be found in your reservation details.
How do I get my car at arrivals?
Once you have all your bags, text your valet and they will bring your car to the third lane out at arrivals.
Where is my car parked?
Our parking facility is located 2 miles from O'Hare airport. We have indoor and outdoor parking. Our lot is fenced, lit, and staffed 24hrs a day.
Are you open 24 hours?
Yes, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Is the service insured?
Will the valet stay with my car if I'm delayed or going through customs?
Yes, our valets will wait until you're ready despite any delays.
What do I do if I'm running late to the airport?
Send a text to your valet if you're running early or late.
If it's less than 24hrs in advance can I still book an O'Hare Personal Valet?
Sometimes……Please call us at 847-696-7633 to check!
Should I tip my valet?
Tipping is not required but it is appreciated! The valet that picks up your car will also drop off your car. Most customers tip at the end of the service. Some customers tip at pick up and drop off.

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