O'Hare Personal Valet
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Drive To O'Hare - We Meet You At The Terminal


Fly Back In - We Bring Your Car To You


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Outdoor - $14.95 /day   |   Indoor - $17.95 /day  

    Pickup: $29.97     +     Dropoff: $29.97


Reservations are required to use this service.
Your confirmation includes detailed instructions for pickup and dropoff, as well as your valet's contact info.


Electric Vehicle Charging Available
Select In Service Menu When Reserving

"OPV is the kind of service that has made my life incredibly easier. No more trudging through the slush with my bags to wait a half hour to get a bus to get my car. Drop car off at departure and they drive it away. Come back to town and they car is waiting when you walk out! Wow. I am blown away. Perfect record on the part of OPV and I have used them for a year straight."
-Bill Kizorek
  Video Producer
  Two Parrot Productions

"This service saves me time, every time I use it. It has changed what I'm able to accomplish on my departure day, and on my arrival day. It's the only time I say thanks for a parking bill."
-Alan H.
  Vice President of Sales
  Barenbrug USA

"I'm always hoping you're not fully booked by the time I reserve. It makes parking enjoyable and easy. I'm afraid to tell my coworkers because, I feel like this is a hidden gem."
-Jordan Pierce
  Banquet Director
  Trump International

"Whether I'm going on business or we're traveling with the kids there's nothing better than meeting a valet curbside at departures and walking right into the airport. We're always tired at the end of our trip and having the car dropped off is perfect for us. Having a warm car waiting at arrivals this winter after coming back from St. Thomas was priceless."

-Joe Improta
  The Parts Guy Inc.

"I fly out of the International once a month and there's always a lot of planning that goes into my trips. When I use you guys it's the easiest piece of the puzzle. Last month I had them wax my car while I was gone they did a great job."

-Mike Vallone
  Seafood Specialist
  Boston Fish Market

"I used find myself rushing to make my flight. I also used to have to drive all the way up the parking garage to find a spot. I save 30 to 40 minutes valeting with O'Hare Personal. It's been great."

-Domenica Galati

"I know I'm only supposed to write 3 or 4 lines about the service, but I'm sorry. I have so many great things to say about O'Hare Valet Personal Service!! If you're not using this service you need to start. From the time you pull up to your airline you see a happy, friendly smiling face waiting to help you with your bags and take your car. You don't have to write down what spot you're parked in, in the garage. You don't have to keep your car keys in a place you won't lose them for your entire trip! Which has happened to me before, it was terrible. This service changes your life, I know, seems a bit extreme. I'm not kidding! I'm a fan of this service for sure. I surprised my husband and got his car detailed while I was gone. It looked brand new! So awesome, two thumbs up!

-Gina Malito
  Sales Team Member
  Covidien Animal Health

"I shoveled out my car that was parked in the E lot at O'Hare after the first snow storm this season. While doing that I twisted my ankle....I found OPV online and I've used it at least 15 times since. These guys are changing parking at O'hare. Still pretty mad about my ankle but I know I'll never shovel out my car at the E lot again."

-Tom Corr
  Corr Products Inc.